Zen Convectum Vaporizer

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Bringing you a vaporizer that is compact, innovative and most importantly, powerful. The Zen Convectum Vaporizer is the result of years of development and improvements. This vaporizer has been designed to keep you relaxed and according to ZEN, it overshadows most other vaporizers both visually and technically.

Providing you with relaxation, flexibility and maximum power, the Zen Convectum Vaporizer has been designed with all these factors in mind to provide you with the zennest vaping experience possible. Some features of this device that help bring this experience are:

  • USB-C Connection
  • Isolated Airflow
  • Large & Clear LED Display
  • Latest Convection Heating Technology
  • Endless Timer (Extension of the Session)
  • Vibration Alarm (Haptic Feedback)
  • Complete Temperature Control (80°C – 220°C)
  • 2 Mouthpieces: foldable + glass mouthpiece
  • Normal / Time Mode (N/T)

MULTI-PURPOSE: The Zen Convectum Vaporizer is compatible with not only herbs but also waxes and oils. Providing you with the choice of all three in one single device.

INTENSE & PURE VAPOR: This vaporizer will provide you with vapor quality that you have never experienced before, according to Zen the vapor will exceed your expectations and this is all thanks to the innovative convection heating system as well as the isolated airways.

STEPLESS TEMPERATURE & MODES: Stepless temperature means that the Zen Convectum Vaporizer is capable of setting the temperature to the exact degree, anywhere from 80 – 220°C. Allowing you to be accurately set the temperature to your preference. The Zen Convectum Vaporizer also features 2 operating modes, timer & vibration alarm.

INDEPENDENT CHARGING: This vaporizer provides you with powerful as well as convenient charging capabilities. This is thanks to the USB-C charging that the Zen Convectum Vaporizer features. You can even change the battery on the go!

SESSION MODES: You have the choice to operate the vaporizer in 2 different session modes - constant (normal mode) or increasing temperature (time mode). Thanks to the endless timer installed in the device, you can extend you session by 2 minutes whenever and as often as you like.

EASY & UNCOMPLICATED: The operation of the Zen Convectum Vaporizer couldn't be easier! It features no more than 3 buttons, with a large and clear LED display which clearly portrays settings such as temperature, timers and operating modes (under control).

GERMAN DEVELOPMENT & MULTI-LINGUAL: All Zen products are developed in Germany and each product comes with instructions in 6 languages (DE, EN, IT, ES, FR, NL).

IN THE BOX: Included with your Zen Convectum Vaporizer are the instructions, a charging cable, a brush, 2 mouthpieces and 3 screens.