Jroll X10 All-In-One Grinding, Mixing, Weighing and Rolling Device

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At Puff Puff Palace we proudly present this game-changing product for all smoking enthusiasts. Jroll X10 All-In-One Grinding, Mixing, Weighing and Rolling Device,. The X10 comes with a Jroll Case, 10 Jtubes, Grind & Mix Unit, USB-C charger and cleaning brush.

Weighing only 2kg and measuring 12.5 × 12.5 × 32.5cm in sleek black, the Jroll X10 is a helpful, dependable and utterly lovable companion for all your grinding, mixing, weighing, and rolling needs. Its strength and durability comes with a 2-year warranty, assuring you of its quality.

The Jroll X10 is designed to grind and mix your herbs with great care, without turning them into dust. Its SMART Grind & Mix unit ensures a consistent and even mixture when blending multiple herbs, resulting in the perfect cone every time. It also has an integrated scale, enabling you to measure with precision and recreate the perfect blend every time.

With the touch of a button, the Jroll X10 can roll up to 10 cones per cycle, making rolling a breeze. You can even adjust the packing and filling height modes to your liking, putting you in control of your smoking experience. Its Jtubes come with little caps, making them perfect for taking on the go, and the integrated spring makes for easy cone access. The Jroll X10 has a standby button with LED lights indicating the number of cones available and a lock for your safety.

To ensure the best results, use only king-size pre-rolled paper cones, although the Jroll official cones are better suited and designed to fit the X10. Additionally, clean the machine every cycle with alcohol or brushes, and avoid using bad-quality or color papers. Never charge the device with a phone charger, as the voltage is different and could break the device.

Get your hands on the Jroll X10 All-In-One Grinding, Mixing, Weighing and Rolling Device today, and enjoy that perfect roll every time!