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Twelve years after Storz&Bickel launched the Volcano Digital, they have produced another masterpiece of a desktop vaporizer: the Volcano Hybrid. With this update Storz&Bickel has raised the bar in vapeland. More customization, an extra improved flavour and an increased vapour production puts the Hybrid on the top of the vaporizer hierarchy.

What’s new?

In comparison with the older Volcano models, the Hybrid features touchscreen buttons to set the temperature, turn the heater and the fan on or off. The valve does not longer get too hot during sessions. One of the major improvements over its predecessors is the heat-up time. Previous Volcano models needed around 5 to 6 minutes to be heated up. The Volcano Hybrid? Only 45 seconds to turn your dry herbs or concentrates into smooth and tasty clouds.

The ‘Hybrid’ has a double meaning: as well in the inhalation options as in the heating system…

Hybrid heating

Storz&Bickel has chosen a different path with its newest Volcano. Instead of using solely convection heating, the Hybrid now gets heated by a hybrid system of convection and conduction. This results in an even more potent, dense and flavourful vapour, an area in which previous models already excelled. It’s nearly impossible to find better tasting hits than those created by Storz&Bickel’s flagship vaporizer!

Balloon or whip

Balloons have always been the only way to inhale from Volcano vaporizers. Place the deflated balloon over the valve, press the ‘air’ button on the preheated Volcano and watch how the balloons fill itself with dense vapour. Afterwards, simply detach the balloon and you can inhale the vapour that has built up in the balloon.

The Hybrid now offers you a second option: a rotating whip so you can inhale the delicious vapour immediately. Turn on the vaporizer and once heated up you can start drawing from the whip (without making use of the fan function). The whip itself is flexible and does not kink.
The whip functionality is especially handy if you are vaping with friends!


The special app created for the Volcano Hybrid gives the user a lot of customization options:

  • Controlling temperature, (de)activate heating and air pump
  • Adjust the shut-off timer and brightness of the volcano screen
  • (De)activate vibration signal on smartphone and/or vaporizer itself when the Hybrid is heated up
  • Create ‘Workflows’: create a sequence of temperatures the Hybrid reaches during one session
  • ‘Iterate’ function: lets the vaporizer increase the temperature over a predetermined amount of time
  • Firmware updates

Refurbished device Option

  • All devices have been thoroughly checked and cleaned
  • All hygienic parts such as mouthpieces and, if necessary, balloons are always replaced with completely new ones
  • The warranty is 2 years
  • All devices can be returned to us without any problems and you will immediately receive a credit note or refund

What’s in the box:

  • Volcano Hybrid
  • Power Cord (EU)
  • 3x Easy valve balloon with mouthpiece
  • 1x Easy valve balloon with adapter
  • Tube System
  • Filling chamber (includes: cap ring, spare screen set, concentrate pad, cleaning brush)
  • Air Filter set
  • Grinder
  • Manual
  • 3 Years manufacturer warranty

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    European Device Not For USA

    Just got my device, and I'm sure it works wonderfully, but I can't use it. I saw the European plug and figured no big deal since I have a universal adapter. Sadly, the reality is it operates on a different voltage than the USA. Have to go buy a voltage converter for an extra fifty bucks to make it work in a US outlet.

    Volcano Hybrid

    Excellent vaporizer! Got mine shipped to the US, arrived surprisingly fast and in perfect state. Love this device, as I suffer from lower back pains, this vape has provided great pain relief for me. If you want the best of the best, this device is highly recommended!

    A Chanois
    Meilleur vapo maison

    Je lui mets 4/5 pour son prix sinon très bonne vapeur. Il faut un petit temps d’adaptation mais l’effet est bien. Très bon article qui mérite sa réputation.


    I dont need to speak about the volcano as its well known but i got it from here for a great price, it is an official storz and bickel product and comes with their 3 year manufacturer's warranty.
    All accessories included as per, and item arrived very fast and safely.
    Im very happy and will be coming back to this store again, thanks.

    Adam P.
    Volcano Hybrid vaporizer

    Perfect device for home use. You can truly feel this is the best of the best when you take a hit. The hits are nicely cooled, very tasty and strong. Packaging was good with lots of protective foam for safe shipping. The Puff Puff Palace crew added some free vaping herbs to the box as well. Highly recommended! 5*