Utillian 421 Vaporizer

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Bringing you the Utillian 421! This conduction heating dry herb vaporizer comes along with a whole list of irresistible features. Some of the key features being:

Conduction Heating
            ✔ 60 Minute Battery Life
            ✔ 6 Pre-Set Temperature Settings
            ✔ Digital Display
            ✔ Airflow Control
            ✔ Glass Mouthpiece
            ✔ Isolated Airway
            ✔ Portable
            ✔ Designed in Canada
            ✔ 1 Hassle-Free Year Warranty

    Some of our favourites of these features have to be:

    Airflow Control - This fantastic feature allows you to be in control of your entire session. Not only can you adjust the temperature but you can customise the airflow control to your liking.
                ✔ Glass Mouthpiece - If you aren’t familiar with why glass mouthpieces are such a special feature then let us tell you why. A glass mouthpiece preserves flavour, ensuring that you will fully experience all the glory of the vapour from this product without losing any quality.
                ✔ 6 Pre-Set Temperatures - Some prefer to be in full control of the temperature, to the degree; however, with 6 pre set temperatures you can’t complain! The Utillian 421 is set at all the key temperatures to ensure a great vape session, starting at 180C, it goes up in 10C increments all the way to 230C - that’s 2 more than it’s predecessor !