Banana Bro's "OTTO" Smart Grinder & Filler

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The OTTO Grinder brought to you by Banana Bros is a cutting edge battery powered automatic grinder. Equipped with patented SMART technology, automatically detects the consistency of the material you are grinding and adjusts it's motion to deliver an excellent grind every time.

There is an innovative O-funnel design and fresh seal cone tube that, together, make filling your cones a quick and easy process with no mess to clean up afterwards. Simply press the button and you will have a perfectly rolled cone in seconds.


Inside each kit there are twenty pre-rolled cones that offer an extra wide lip. They are run free and offer a slow and even burn. These pre-rolled cones are 100% free of GMO's, chemicals and any animal products. Standard king size cones will also work well with this device.


This grinder comes with a long lasting built in lithium-ion battery that offers 20-30 rolls on each charge. Included is a rapid USB charging cable.


  • Cutting edge all in one smoking tool
  • Compact grinder with automatic cone roller
  • Easy to learn controls
  • Patented SMART technology for custom tailored results
  • Offers 20-30 rolls on full battery
  • Fresh seal cone
  • O-Funnel design: Smell proof and mess free
  • Sleek appearence, durable and odor resistant
  • Ultra convinient rapid USB charging method
  • Magnetic connections for easy and quick reloads


  • 1 x Banana Bros OTTO Grinder
  • 1 x Fresh seal cone tube
  • 1 x Extra seal
  • 1 x Cleaning brush
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Cone retention straw
  • 20 x premium cones, free of GMO's, chemicals and animal products

Customer Reviews

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Banana Bro's

Great product. Takes only about 20 seconds to reach the end result. The joint itself is nicely packed as well and burns nicely.

Only downside is the slightly higher price range, but it saves me quite a lot of time, since I'm not the best at rolling blunts by hand.


I purchased my original OTTO a month ago. Great engineering and design. Ample battery life. Easy to use, yielding consistent cones once you find your groove. A downside for me is that it is made for mostly big cones so it makes a bit of a mess if it’s a smaller cone.

Love this machine

Great machine. I can only describe this tool as amazing! It has been life changing using this thing. It saves me time and I can roll more in less time now!