Smono No 3 Vaporizer

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In cooperation with Weecke, the German brand Smono has improved and further developed the popular Fenix Mini.

The result is a compact vaporizer that clearly surpasses its model. Its pleasant glass mouthpiece provides an even cleaner steam and simply feels good. In addition to the glass mouthpiece, the inner values of the Smono 3 were also tested and optimized. Thus its temperature control was completely optimized and at the same time faster, more accurate and more effective.

Of course the Smono 3 is a very compact and above all one of the smallest convection vaporizers on the market. The precise temperature control from 170°C - 230°C ensures an aromatic and effective vaporization of your favorite herbs.

The Smono 3's clear display shows the temperature and charge status of the battery. The successful update of this proven classic makes the Smono 3 the perfect companion.

A high-quality water filter is exclusive to the Bubble Edition. This is filled from above until the water reaches just above the lower hole inside the filter. This keeps the air tube inside the filter free and the vapour is filtered through the water. The result is pure and cool vapour.

The box contains:

  • Smono No 3
  • Oil/WAX chamber
  • screens
  • sealing rings
  • dabber
  • tweezers
  • brush
  • micro USB charging cable
  • manual

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