Puffco Vision Plus Oil Vaporizer

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The 'Vision Plus' is a wax vaporizer pen from PUFFCO® that scores points with its well thought-out, user-friendly design and very high quality of steam and taste. And an awesome colour look! Additional there are a 520mA/h strong battery, three temperature levels, a ceramic heating chamber without heating coils, and the interesting mouthpiece which is also a dabbing tool. This all ensures a great performance.

✔️ integrated carb cap

✔️ sesh mode

✔️ one-button operation

The three temperature levels low, medium and high ensure that the dab pen reliably vaporizes concentrates of many kinds - and with full flavour or rich vapour, depending on your taste! The mouthpiece combines dabber, splash guard and carb cap in one and is therefore unique. Pressing the control button of the vaporizer twice activates the sesh mode - so you get 12 seconds of continuous dab fun.

What's in the box? 

  • 1pc PUFFCO® 'Vision Plus' Dab Pen vaporizer with rechargeable battery
  • 1pc USB charger
  • 4pcs cotton swab
  • 1 silicone sleeve

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