PieceMaker 'Green Glow' Silicone Bong

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The flexible water pipe 'Kolt' from 'PieceMaker', USA, is made of high quality food-grade silicone. It is ideal for daily use, on journeys and festivals, on the high seas and at the balcony - or even on the run when there is a zombie apocalypse! As the chillum, with diffuser slots, is made of silicone, too, this bong has absolutely no glass parts - and its owner passes through intake controls.

The silicone pipe is light weight, can be folded up and can hardly be broken. The herbal bowl has an integrated stainless steel screen and a lid. For best blazing hits, the 'Kolt' has a kickhole. Due to the pistol grip, the bong is particularly handy.

But wait there's more, it's glow in the dark!

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