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The Linx Gaia is a premium and portable vaporizer for vaping dry herbs. The use of medical grade materials and attention to detail makes this device one of the most eye-catching and sleek vaporizers on the market, delivering great tasting and high quality vapour.

Hybrid heating system 

The hybrid heating system uses a combination of convection and conduction. This high-end vaporizer works with an isolated air path, with the airflow completely sealed off from the electronics, resulting in healthy and clean vapour production. Using this hybrid heating technology, Gaia allows for efficient and even heating of your herbs.

Another unique feature of the Gaia is the large quartz herb chamber, built out of stainless steel, that allows for thorough heating of your favourite herbs as well. The chamber is large enough to hold up to 0,25 grams of ground-up herbs. The glass mouthpiece is a joy to use and is completely removable for easy cleaning. The built-in packing tool make it easy to stir your herbs around in between sessions.

Long lasting battery

The Linx Gaia features a built-in lithium-ion 2200 mAh battery, that keeps your device running for up to two hours of use. This will get you through about 4-5 sessions. The Gaia has an impressive heat-up time and reaches your desired temperature in under 30 seconds.

With the full temperature control you can choose individual degrees in a range of 93°C to 220°C, stylishly displayed with an OLED screen. The Linx Gaia can easily be charged with the micro-USB cable, included in the box.

Who is it for?

The Linx Gaia is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a great looking and portable vaporizer for vaping dry herbs, built out of durable medical grade materials , delivering great tasting and clean vapour of the highest quality.

The box contains:

  • 1x Linx Gaia Vaporizer
  • 1x Mouthpiece Cap (Magnetic)
  • 1x Stirring Tool
  • 1x Cleaning Brush
  • 1x Micro-USB Charger with Lightning Adapter
  • 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gaia vape

Consistent results. Good quality taste & vapor. I've actually stopped smoking just use my vape instead.

R Megevand
Linx Gaia

Produit reçu dans les temps, bien emballé et conformes aux attentes. Attention il chauffe un peu dans la main.

Linx Gaia vaporizer

The vape is very easy to use and the settings simple to work with. Quite good airflow. Flavour is great but doesn’t stay as flavourful as the session progresses. Heats up quickly and it’s very straight forward to use. A lot smaller than the images depict so more discreet than I thought it was going to be which is great.

F. Frischmann
Great product

So I bought this because I wanted to start vaping because of medical reasons. I did my research for like 2 months and I finally flipped the switch. The Linx Gaia.

Clouds are solid I mean I’m not sure what kind of clouds you’re expecting from something this size, but the clouds are there. I’ve used two strains of herb and they’ve smoked differently. Different temps same grind just different results. This is my first vape and I couldn’t be more pleased.