Ispire The Wand E-Torch Bong Vape Kit

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The Wand from Ispire makes vaping with a bong easier and safer as you can save yourself fiddling around with a jet burner. The Wand is operated with two replaceable rechargeable batteries (type 18650, not included!). It heats banger and the inserted glass cup for extracts, or dry herbs due to induction heating especially fast, even, and constant. Since the temperature can be adjusted to suit the material to be vaporized, the herbs or concentrates vaporize particularly efficiently. A USB type C cable for quick charging the batteries is included in the kit.

The highlights at a glance:

✔️ Fast, constant, efficient heating to the desired temperature

✔️ Longer product life due to replaceable batteries

✔️ Safe & relaxed bong vapour enjoyment

✔️ Bong enjoyment without combustion

✔️ OLED display and LED indicator

The temperature can be adjusted exact to the degree in the range from 120 to 430° C. Numerous safety features and error warnings ensure safe use. The Wand also never gets hot in the hand. The kit includes a straight and an angled banger with standard ground 14 as well as two glass inserts, one with and one without a bottom. This is joined by a carb cap for optimal vapour development. Everything is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

The separately available accessories cups (SKU 50 18 14) are glass inserts for heating the DynaVap® Vaporizers.

Scope of supply:

  • 1pc The Wand induction heater
  • 1pc USB-C cable
  • 2pcs glass banger
  • 2pcs glass cups
  • 1pc carb cap
  • 1pc manual en