DynaVap M ''Titan Nebulum'' Vaporizer

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At Puff Puff Palace headshop, we proudly present the latest edidions of the famous ''M'' vaporizer, by the popular American mechanical vaporizer brand, DynaVap. The Fall 2023 colours of the DynaVap VapCap "M" have some notable features.

For the first time, the "M" is made from titanium while retaining the classic smooth stem design. Additionally, these colors have been treated in an innovative process by DynaVap to make the titanium more durable and scratch-resistant. Both the tip and the stem are uniformly engraved.

The "NebuluM" variation of the Titaniu "M" presents a unique, nebula-like color scheme. With a main color of purple and various shades of blue and purple, the "Nebulum" vaporizer gives the device a fascinating look without being textured.

In contrast, the "QuantiuM" Titaniu "M" is characterized by its shine and shimmer, achieved through a special texture and treatment of the titanium. This "QuantiuM" is colored and has a striking structure.