BudKups (3.0) PAX2/3 Vaporizer Loading Capsules

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With BudKups you can preload your PAX 2 or PAX 3 vaporizer. Fill the cups with your favorite herb so you can use them whenever you want. These cups are perfect for anyone who likes to take their PAX vape on the go. Another big advantage is that when you use these cups, the oven of your vaporizer stays clean!

BudKups Generation 3.0

The latest loading capsule for PAX2/3 has been redesigned for optimum heating and vapor production.

Thanks to an improved shape and increased air volume, functionality has become even better, as well as ease of use.

How do you use BudKups?

First remove the gauze from the chamber of your PAX. A BudKup serves as both a gauze and a capsule - if you leave the gauze in it, the cup will not fit. Fill a cup with your favorite herb and put it in the chamber of your PAX vape. That's it!

These cups are made of medical grade stainless steel and are reusable.

One pack contains 3 BudKups