Black Sheep ''Cyclops'' Monster Bong - Yellow

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A Bong designed For A Voluminous Monster Smoke! These Monster glass clay bongs are expertly designed and very attractive. However, they are not only appealing to the eyes; but also efficient and effective  

They are made of delicate glass for cool draws, and infused with clay to increase durability. These bongs can withstand the stress of daily usage. In spite of their durability, they are not heavy, as they weigh just 0.35 kg. This makes them light enough to be carried in a bag for your mobile customers. 

They stand at 16cm which is tall enough for air filtration to work well. This ensures a clean and smooth draw. Also, they have a large volume to contain enough water a user will need for efficient filtration of heavy particles and other soluble substances. Feed the monster and feed your head.