Black Leaf 'Lotus' Grinder 4-Part - Green (55 mm)

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Hate cleaning? Then this 4-part Black Leaf® grinder with lotus effect is the right choice! The herb crusher made of best aerospace aluminium is completely sealed with a coating of non-stick ceramic.

✔️ Self-cleaning effect

✔️ Strong trapezoidal teeth

✔️ Grip grooves for better haptic

So you could also say that the 'Lotus' is self-cleaning. However, as our herbs and spices are often quite sticky some residues may stay - but these small impurities can be quickly rinsed off with hot water. The 'Lotus' will shine in full splendour again!

But the grinder has a lot more to offer: Strong trapezoidal teeth that reliably grind herbs and harder materials. A fine-mesh stainless steel screen through which valuable pollen is sifted into the well rounded collecting chamber. Then there are grip grooves on the lid for a better haptic. There is also a nylon ring to prevent friction. The grinder is milled and manufactured to such a high quality that turning it back and forth is very easy.

In addition, the screen part can also be taken out, so that the grinder is converted into a 3-part grinder that fits better in your pocket. A strong magnet ensures perfect cohesion.

Attention: The grinder may vary in diameter of up to 1mm