Arizer Go (ArGo) Vaporizer

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Looking for a great portable vaporizer that you can take everywhere with you? Arizer has the solution for you. It’s called the Arizer Go (or ArGo).
The ArGo is one of the few ultra-portable vaporizers that ticks all the boxes: a small portable vaporizer with a great build quality, producing a high quality and tasteful vapour, backed up by a good battery life.

Ultra-portable, ultra-stealthy

With dimensions of 52mm by 24mm by 93mm and a weight of only 97 grams, you can definitely call the ArGo a master of stealth. Your perfect compact vaping buddy for on-the-go!

Glass stem for a pure taste

A wonderful mix of convection and conduction heating in combination with the glass stem (instead of plastic components) of the ArGo provides you with the most pure flavour any portable vaporizer can offer you. The Argo rocks a removable glass stem, of which the bottom part acts as your oven. Simply remove the stem, scoop up your favourite herbs with the bottom part of the stem and place it back in the vaporizer. We recommend you to not pack the stem too tight. Use a coarse to medium grind, as the convection heating has to be able to pass through the herbs.

When you are done vaping, simply press the button on the back of the vaporizer and the top of the vaporizer will move a centimeter up to conceal the protruding end of the glass stem. Just like that, your ArGo is ready for travel. Simply push down the spring-action top of the vaporizer to reveal the glass stem and you are all set for another session!

Great battery life

Never run out of battery power! The Argo has a removable 3400mAh 18650 battery, which means you can choose to carry an extra battery for endless vaping pleasure. A fully charged battery manages to push out 90 mins of vaping time. The ArGo can be used while it’s charging, music to the ears of impatient vapers!


The ArGo’s vaping temperature can be set by using 1°C/Fahrenheit increments, with a range of 45°C – 220°C. Unlike most of the vaporizers out there, the Arizer Go has a built-in settings menu in which you can change the volume level of the beep when your vaporizer is heated up, tune the brightness of your screen and a few more options to fully set up the vaporizer the way you like it.

What’s in the box?

  • ArGo vaporizer
  • ArGo battery
  • 2x Glass stem
  • 2x Silicone stem cap
  • 4x Extra stainless steel screen
  • Stir tool
  • Long usb cable
  • Wall charger
  • Case
  • Manual
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Assez bon appareil

Bien : pratique de par sa petite taille ; réglage de la durée de session possible 5 à 15mn. Bonne vapeur seulement entre la 3 et 6e taffe, le reste c'est très léger.
Pas bien : ça siffle quand on aspire ! ; embout buccal trop gros ça irrite la gorge, j'ai inséré du tuyau cristal pour que ce soit + agréable ; embout buccal pas assez long on a les lèvres collées au vapo pour bien aspirer ; le réglage des bips c'est pas très bien pensé, pas besoin que ça bippe qd on allume le vapo on sait bien ce qu'on fait, on le voudrait seulement à t° atteinte, et en fin de session.

Vialaron S

Great device, works perfectly, wish I had got one years ago. The battery lasts a long time. The draft is very pleasant. One small downside, the glass mouth piece is difficult to clean. Would recommend buying a couple extra if you don't like to spend time cleaning it. The device itself is outstanding and way less heavy on the lungs than smoking.

G. Dijkstra
Excellent vaporizer

The Arizer Go is simply amazing. The taste & quality of the vapor is delicious, to say the least. I do not often leave reviews, but I had to comment on this product's craftsmanship and just how easy and well it operates! Easy to use size, exceptional precision digital heat setting.

Argo vaporizer

Replaceable 18650 batterie, heats up within a minute, great airflow, glass mouthpiece, can't really ask for more than that! Will be suggesting this product to my friends.

Customer service was also quick in response to any questions.

Cerise L.
Bon rapport qualité-prix

Facile à utiliser et pratique à nettoyer. Beaucoup de saveur grâce au tube en verre.