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Important: This is the new edition of the Mighty featuring 20% more battery capacity.

The Mighty Vaporizer, manufactured by the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, is the bigger and more powerful version of its smaller brother, the famous Crafty Vaporizer. This impressive device is considered to be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market today for vaping dry herbs as well as concentrates.

Hybrid heating technology

The Mighty combines convection with conduction heating to provide outstanding vapour quality and flavour. The air heater provides continuous heat during evaporation, while the radiation heat ensures that vapour is generated instantly at the first breath.

Strong, Stronger, Mighty

With its 2 powerful lithium-ion batteries, the Mighty vaporizer will provide up to 90 minutes of vaping time, before having to recharge the device. The user-friendly LED display shows the exact temperature. The temperature is fully adjustable from 40°C up to 210°C. When the device has reached your preferred temperature, it will start to vibrate and this means the device is heated up and that you’re good to go. The Mighty also has an automatic shut off feature, so you will not waste any of the precious battery life. The device switches off automatically two minutes after the last press of a button.

The herb chamber is wide enough to hold about 0.3 grams of ground up herbs per session and can easily be filled with the included loading tool. A free plastic grinder is also included in box, so you can effortlessly grind up your herbs before loading them into the herb chamber.

Who is it for?

The Mighty Vaporizer is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a premium and durable vaporizer that delivers supreme vapour of the highest quality and flavour.

The box contains:

  • Mighty vaporizer
  • Charger (EU plug)
  • Filling aid
  • Grinder
  • Cleaning brush
  • Liquid pad
  • 3 x spare screens
  • Set of spare sealing rings
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 year warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I still havent got anything around 20 days later

I still havent got the order. It was shipped around 20 days ago. The support is checking, but thats it. I asked now for a cancellation and refund. From the netherlands to germany shouldnt take that long. I will folllow up with the review if I get my money back from the support team. But for now I am super disappointed.

Excellent product

Product feel durable and vapor is soft on the lungs. The battery holds decent amount of time, even when I share with my friends. Can highly recommend this product and store.

W Jakubczyk
A big yes if you are a regular user

The mighty vaporizer is well built, feels high quality, heats up very quickly. Would recommend the device for regular users as it takes up less time than rolling and the flavor is really nice as well.

Mighty Vaporizer

After having tried a few other lower budget devices on the market, I decided to give the Mighty a try. Comparing to traditional combustion smoking and cheaper devices, it's a so much better, more economical and a healthier way to enjoy your herb.

Kristina xx
Mighty vape

Obviously this is a bit of an investment, but it's really good. Be aware that the vapour is not completely odourless - there is a scent to the smoke, but it fades quickly and is obviously nowhere near as bad as smoke. Overal really happy with this purchase.